Ilse + Adrian – Devon Valley Wedding

Posted 07 Feb 2012

Well, technically not a wedding. Ilse & Adrian got married in New York City (where they live) quite a few months before this, but without Ilse’s family present. So they renewed their vows in Stellenbosch, with Ilse’s family and friends, and also Adrian’s family who flew in from the US.

The ceremony was held at the Devon Valley Hotel and the reception was just up the road at the House Of JC Le Roux.

Bride preparation
Bride's dress detail
Bride and excited bridesmaids
Little people
The suave groom
Wedding ceremony
Exchanging of rings
Wedding ceremony
Bridal couple portrait
Bridal couple portrait
The first dance

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  1. Eileen says:

    Awesome – lovely images!

  2. Beautiful Nick! Love your Black & whites a lot x

  3. kenny says:

    Lovely tones to these pictures. Brings across a sedate and elegant wedding, restrained gentility.

  4. Leah Kua says:

    Nick, these are really beautiful. Those are some stylish groomsmen as well :)

  5. Good looking couple! Great images and you captured some really nice moments.

  6. Ilse says:

    So beautiful! Thanks again Nick, you really captured the essence of our day perfectly!Every time I look at the pictures you took I smile! Thanks for that…

  7. I very much like that first shot. This girl is so beautiful!

  8. What a beautiful set of images! You’ve captured this attractive couple perfectly!

  9. Mercedes says:

    Gorgeous bride! REally lovely work, Nick.

  10. Gorgeous couple. I’m pretty wild about those suits, and I love the framing of the first dance shot.

  11. Love the soft glow of all these photos, they have that beautiful film look! Everything is gorgeous…do you shoot with film?

  12. Awesome imagery. the lighting and color tones are rad sauce.

  13. Very lovely. Elegant and gorgeous images.

  14. beautiful pics…. definitley done by a professional…. :-)

  15. Derek says:

    Beautifully done Nick, love all the emotions!

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