Cape Town Wedding Photographer Nick Coyne

Husband, father, photographer, programmer, mountain biker, dog-lover and wannabe ukulele-player. I’m Nick and I’m a portrait and wedding photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa Auckland, New Zealand (from January 2014).

I shoot in a photo-journalistic style, trying to capture the moments that make up your story. I love the ability of a picture to freeze a moment in time, to make you wonder what someone is thinking and to allow you to share in a moment without being there.

Do you have specific packages?
Yes I do! Please contact me to get more details.

How far can you travel?
I’m available to shoot weddings anywhere in New Zealand.

What is a photo-journalistic style?
Also called documentary or reportage, a photo-journalistic style is based on capturing events as they happen, and not posing or otherwise interfering in the natural flow of things. My goal is for my images to capture the real story of your day.

So were you a real photojournalist once?
Nope. But this is the way I see the world. I like a story. I like natural interactions and emotions. I like authenticity. I like real people. A photo-journalistic style is the logical way to capture that.

Do you shoot cool creative pictures of the bridal couple?
Yes! This is the only time where I’ll be doing some posing. I do it in a relaxed and informal way though, where I try to bring out natural interactions and smiles. I don’t like fake.

What equipment do you shoot with?
I use professional Nikon gear, and have backups of everything in case of failure. That means multiple cameras, lenses and flashes. And when your images are downloaded, they are backed up in multiple locations, including off-site.