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Posted 02 Apr 2012

One shot from a little shoot I did a few weeks ago with makeup artist Nicky Harrison.

Cape Town model, Tarryn

I love film

Posted 17 Aug 2010

I have an old Nikon F3 that I use to shoot black & white film. It comes along to every shoot and I usually end up taking 1 or 2 pictures with it. No screen to check your image on, no instant feedback. Its like capturing a moment in a box, and only letting it out again a few months later. So its always a really pleasant surprise when I get a few images I like. Here’s a few shots from my last roll, which I collected today.

Day 116

Posted 14 Dec 2009

Day 116

Santa paid me an early visit and gave me an SB-900 flash today.

This is just a quickie to play with the new toy.

Strobist: SB900 camera right into white umbrella, SB600 through umbrella camera left. Triggered by CLS.