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Not just a wedding photographer

Posted 29 Mar 2012

Somewhat accidentally, I’ve been posting far less personal work on my blog than I used to. I don’t just photograph weddings, I also do some portrait work, I shoot my family a lot, and there’s a documentary project that I’m struggling to get started. So expect to see some more of this from now on, in addition to my wedding posts.

This is my daughter, Brooke.


Nikon F3 | Ilford HP5

Nandi + Thabo – Webersburg Wedding

Posted 06 Apr 2011

Webersburg was the beautiful venue for the very festive wedding of Nandi & Thabo, another wedding I shot with Mitch from I Do Photography. A lot of laughs and a lot of dancing.

Bride preparation
The groom before the ceremony
The rings
One of the younger guests
Groomsmen final preparations
Ceremony guests.
Nervous groom and groomsmen
A bridesmaid
Live violinist
During the ceremony
Some laughs during the ceremony
Exchanging of rings
The kiss.
More laughs at the ceremony
Smily groomsmen at the ceremony
Happy bridesmaids at the ceremony
A funky hat at the ceremony
Leaving the ceremony
Happy couple arriving at the reception
Happy couple arriving at the reception
The bridal couple enters the reception
Food being served at the reception
Big laughs during speeches
Embarrassing moments during speeches
Cutting of the cake
Removing the garter
A happy bachelor with the garter.
The couple dancing

More Film Love

Posted 23 Mar 2011

Have I mentioned how much I love film? :) Last week I got two rolls of film processed and scanned. One black and white (Ilford HP5) and the other colour (Kodak Portra 400NC). Here’s a few of my faves, the first one is my daughter.

Baby portrait

Big Bay Sunset
Musician Portrait
Musician Portrait
Long Dog
Holiday with Sue and long dogs