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Tarryn In Colour

Posted 24 Jul 2012

Another shot from a shoot with Cape Town makeup artist Nicky Harrison. This time with Portra 800 film.



Posted 02 Apr 2012

One shot from a little shoot I did a few weeks ago with makeup artist Nicky Harrison.

Cape Town model, Tarryn

Day 104

Posted 27 Nov 2009

Day 104

I spent today on a lighting course with Robert Miller, where he showed exactly what speedlights are capable of. Apart from lots of theory, we also got to play with various lighting setups.

Great fun and I learnt a lot.

Strobist: 1 each SB900s 45 degrees behind subject left and right. 1 x SB900 into silver umbrella above subject at front. Triggered with Bowens wireless.